Sleep two

Comfortable double room with crisp white sheets, lovely wool blankets, thick velvet curtains and a cosy reading corner. Spacious bathroom with a powerful shower and views on our mountains.  Plenty of cupboard space.

Rates: 540€ per night (winter season) / 295€ per night (rest of the year, no dinner)


  • Full course dinner (no alcoholic beverages included)
  • Big breakfast prepared, specially for you
  • Keeper/guide who will sleep close by just in case something is needed
  • Cosy atmosphere with a central fireplace
  • Organic cotton bedding
  • Grown Alchemist amenities
  • Powerful hairdryer
  • Screen-free room
  • Heated towel rack
  • Two snowcat rides (winter only)
  • Friendly and helpful staff who will take care of you but not annoy you!

We do not include disposable slippers as do not want to create more waste. Please make sure you pack your own. Thank you!