What is l'Ovella Negra?

A place to gather, be it at our summer pop‐up, AKA “xiringuito”, winter shack or all year round at our mountain lodge.

A secret spot with the perfect amount of imperfection to keep it authentic and real.

Why the name?

In 2007, while traveling through Chile, I reached Chiloé, a small island just by the entrance of Patagonia. It was pouring with rain that afternoon and freezing. I ran into this shack, which ended up being a lovely cosy bar.
The fire was sizzling and it was warm.
I asked for a bottle of red wine, and this is what the label said:

Una oveja negra es alguien especial, alguien que se destaca en el rebaño y sigue su propio camino.
Una persona original y fuera de lo común. Alguien que llama la atención.

This together with the little black hut standing on its own at the end of the valley, made it the perfect name for the place and the perfect definition for those coming here:

people with character & personality, unlike the rest, with something special, original and different.

Manifesto “Dolce Far Niente”

The art of being different by doing nothing.
In this connected world, disconnect at the end of the valley.
Lounge around, read, think, do nothing.
Gather with friends and family.
Gather with like-minded people.
Share your stories.
Strange encounters might happen; the world is smaller than one imagines.

During the summer months, let a morning coffee turn into a late lunch, a morning walk end with a rewarding meal, a lunch turn into a never ending lounging afternoon, and a quiet afternoon into a dinner by the fire.

During the winter months, wake up to the crisp air, fuel up with a good breakfast, and go for a walk, stroll or simply relax in one of our many corners.

For the intrepid, and those with itchy feet, you can choose from a vast choice of activities, from mountaineering to skiing or trekking. But we recommend you to have a moment of nothingness: enjoy a nice drink before dinner, either outside wrapped up with a blanket or inside by the fire.

Just come and enjoy the freedom of doing nothing.
Sometimes by doing nothing, you do everything.
We hope to meet you soon.

The Team: "Without one, you go nowhere..."

Prisca “Founder & Manager”

Half Andorran Half English, grew up in the mountains, studied in Lugano and London, worked in New York, spent ten years between Chile and Andorra working in world wide event, managing an ice‐hotel, while searching for her own spot to make people feel at home.
Never thought she would find it in her home country, at the end of this valley.
With the help of her mother, Aminda, they did the place up.

Lledó "Front of House & Operations Manager”

Lledó Garbi from Castellon, Spain. Probably the sportiest chick you have ever met, she is capable of cycling, skiing, hiking and climbing all in one day. Absolutely loves snow and the winter, and will transmit her passion to you. She will also take good care of you and make sure everything is running smoothly during service, before and after. Wine is her other passion, so let yourself be guided by her;-)

Sergi “Our Chef, Hunter & Gatherer”

When you hear the word “authentic”, no one can personify it more than Sergi.
A mountain man, father, hunter, gatherer and a very special chef.
He´ll cook your meat to perfection on a plain barbecue or create a sophisticated meal.
Spent time in Barcelona, Nerua restaurant in the Guggenheim in Bilbao, and a few restaurants in Andorra before he decided to cook for you at l´Ovella Negra.

Martin “Our Ex-Sous-­Chef & Traveler”

Martin, our tattoo boy! A young curious man, who loves traveling when he is not working and learning from other cultures.
He has worked in numerous restaurants but found his home for now in L´Ovella Negra.
He too will make sure you are well fed ;‐)

Jesus “ Mountain Guide, Snowcat Driver, Fireman, Helper”

Jesus has been part of our team since day one. He comes and goes though.
Jesus is one of these people who is willing to help you with anything and anywhere.
During the winter monthes, while he is with us, he makes sure you can get to us: he will pick you up with the snowcat machine and drive you to our lodge. He is also our mountain guide. In the summer months, you will find him in his mountains, taking care of them.

Matias “the Goodlooking Kiddo”

Matias is also half English, half Andorran, and has lived in Scotland for the past four years.
Now back in Andorra, he is your barman during the summer months, and comes along to help out when we need him the rest of the year. Smiley kid, good-looking and sometimes a wee bit too honest! Careful Matias what you say to our clients!

Sabrina "Front of House"

Sabrina is cheeky, and with her smile and charm will make you feel at ease. Always a step ahead of you, she will make sure you feel welcomed and spoilt. She also prepares delicious cocktails!

Cora "Our Sous-xef"

Cora joined our team in december. She is the one in charge of our deserts, yes, that lemon pie, it's hers! She also prepares your dishes with love and care, and makes sure they look all pretty as well as tasty! She loves a good party and her "mate"!