The Lodge

The accommodation consists of two double rooms and two quadruple rooms, each with its own bathroom.

Downstairs, the large common areas around the fireplace allow you to relax, enjoy a glass of wine, read a book, meet other people or enjoy a nice meal at our tables shared In case you prefer to enjoy a little privacy, we can prepare a cozy corner for you, but when you leave, we would like you to take away a good experience and some new friendships.

Noble materials have been chosen: wood, iron, velvet, wool, fibre, leather and cement. Dim lights and lots of candles. We wanted to bring life to the place and give it soul.

We hope you feel the essence of L’Ovella Negra during your stay, as a place that doesn’t have it doesn’t leave any memories. Our mission is not only to offer you a comfortable place to stay, but also to make you feel that feeling that cannot be forgotten.


Come on your own, with your family, or with friends, the lodge is available in three configurations:

In any case, we can adapt the experience to your needs.
You can have our private mountain guide, with or without a picnic.
You can enjoy off-piste skiing, heli-skiing and snowshoeing from the very door of the accommodation.
Or if you prefer to ski in a resort, we can also organize that for you, with or without a guide.

For more information, contact us.